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Who We Are

Maria Cristina Vervloet

Economist and post-graduate in Finance, Maria Cristina Vervloet has always been passionate about the arts. She worked for over 35 years in the financial market. She never missed the opportunity to visit events in art galleries, national and international fairs, which made her develop a trained and critical eye.

Now retired, she has lived in Paris and currently lives in Lisbon. She has a vast library of art books, as well as pieces by important talents in Brazilian contemporary art. Maria Cristina, from Espírito Santo, through her academic background and professional experience, manages to equate arts and business, observing and creating opportunities that put the developed product, with sensitivity and creativity, in the palpable circuit.

Marco Aurélio Saad Pulchério

Since 1994, at the head of @marco500design, Marco Aurelio has been responsible for the commercial interlocution of more than 450 different names and brands, which today form the Brazilian art and design scene. Irmãos Campana, Marcelo Rosenbaum, Cerâmica Serrada Capivara, J. Borges, Cida Lima, and Neguinha, are some of them. Another important work is the development of private label products for prominent brands in the country.

Through careful product management, he guides artists, retrains the consumer public, and collaborates in the formation of market mechanisms. He has participated in international projects such as: “MoMA Design Store Destination Brazil” (NY), “BeBrasil – Brazil Essentially Diverse” (Milan). Maison et objet (Paris), Ambiete Fair (Frankfurt), and Art and Design Miami. He has also curated projects for Rede Globo.

Vera Santiago

With a post-graduate degree in Marketing, a specialization in Production Outsourcing, and a Master in Design Management in Lisbon, where she currently lives, Vera has always valued aesthetic and creative work.

Since 1993 she has been active in the interior design, design, and architecture sector, creating strategies and marketing products. She has collaborated with Casa Cor and provided consulting services to shopkeepers. For the last twenty years she has been active in the furniture industry through his company, Agência de Design(@agenciadedesing).

Vera curates the product mix, enables the production and commercialization of projects, and has already promoted the work of great Brazilian authors such as Sérgio Rodrigues, Aristeu Pires, and Irmãos Campana. As a curator, her contribution to the Casa Brasil fair and her exhibitions at the Furniture Show in Milan and Maison et Objet in Paris stand out.